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Several Cobra Vipers tried to defend Silent Castle from Megatron . They failed miserably. Thankfully, Megatron's mood shifted from murderous rage to intrigue shortly after he breached the castle's walls and happened upon the impressive technology housed within. Realignments Later, a group of Vipers were duped by Zartan into handing over control of Silent Castle after the shapeshifter took on the form of Cobra Commander .

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Ash was born and raised in Elk Grove , Michigan sometime in the late 1950's, along with his sister Cheryl . In his high school years, Ash dated a girl named Linda Bates , but he broke up with her for another girl named Linda . Also during his high school years, Ash met Chet Kaminski , who would become a lifelong friend of Ash. After high school, both he and the other Linda attended Michigan State University, and received an engineering degree. In his mid to late 20s, both he and Linda were employed at the superstore, S-Mart (where he worked in the housewares department). While dating this Linda, he told her about his dream to live in Jacksonville, Florida and take her with him. At some point in his teenage years, Ash learned to play classical music on piano.

Various - Terrordrome II - The Hardcore Cyberpunk - 21st Century Gabba TranceVarious - Terrordrome II - The Hardcore Cyberpunk - 21st Century Gabba Trance