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‘New’ is relative in Roman terms of course, and the Palazzo Altemps, a restored Renaissance palace which now houses a superb collection of statuary, has an interesting history in itself. In ancient times this was a marble warehouse, sited near the Temple of Apollo. In the Dark Ages it was a military emplacement. But in 1477 a new, grander building was begun by Girolamo Riario. From 1511, the Cardinal of Volterra, Francesco Soderini embellished the building. By 1568 it had passed into the hands of Cardinal Marco Sittico Altemps, who used the building to display his collections of antique sculpture and books.

Ibex Throne - Ibex ThroneIbex Throne - Ibex ThroneIbex Throne - Ibex ThroneIbex Throne - Ibex Throne