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Your trip isn't complete without a visit to Casa de Shenandoah, Wayne Newton's Las Vegas home. See his collection of classic cars, exotic animals, rare Showbiz memorabilia, and more.

While Newton certainly owns his famous Arabian horses, he doesn't own the irrigated green pastures where they graze. The court will have to decide if he owns the barns where they're kept. And leases can be broken during bankruptcy reorganization.

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With a total 1, sq. km of land and water area, Wayne County, Pennsylvania is the 1279th largest county equivalent area in the United States. Home to 51,401 people, Wayne County has a total 31714 households earning 49313 on average per year.

Wayne’s maternal grandfather, Homer “Howard” Plaster/Plasters Smith, on the 1900 . Census – https://
Homer “Howard” Plaster/Plasters Smith on the 1910 . Census – https://

Wayne Newton - Wayne NewtonWayne Newton - Wayne NewtonWayne Newton - Wayne NewtonWayne Newton - Wayne Newton