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Thanks to a materials database, and a weight calculation tool, our website is here to give you an overview of the various technologies that we make available to industry professionals.
We can answer you requests for quotation in open-die forging, closed die forging, stainless steel sand and centrifugal casting, aluminium die-casting, font casting, carbon steel and alloy sand casting, and powders Hot Isostatic Pressure (HIP).
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Museum Night - Museums all night long
Location: At 30 museums of Geneva
Dates: 2017 Saturday 20th May from evening to Sunday 17th May morning
Super Museum Night starts on 16 May, at 5pm or 6pm - depending on the institutions, or from pm at the Botanical Gardens, until 11 pm or 1am.
If You like to stay up the whole night, attend the whole night festival evening Les Heures Blanches des Musées - The white hours of museums , which will take place from 6pm till 4am at Krugers - Rue de la Truite 4.
Super Family Sunday - happening at the international Museum Day, will welcome families and visitors during the day.
Super Pass costs 10 CHF and is an entry to all the participating institutions and to TPG super bus, which will be specially going between the institutions. Young visitors under 18 and holders of the Card 20 ans / 20 francs get a super pass for free. Make sure to buy super pass in advance! See the link bellow for info where to buy it.
You can buy Super-Pass from 28 April in:
Tourist Office (Rue du Mont-Blanc 18,1201 Geneve)
6 bookshops Payot (Rue de Chantepoulet 5, 1201, Rue du Marché 16,1204, Gare Cornavin, ... )
Maison des arts du Grütli (Rue de Général-Dufour 16,1204)
and on 16 May in museums and in institutions participating
Super Family Sunday on 17th May is for free.
More info: There are free flyers in every museum, in a tourist office and posters all around the touristic spots.

Calderys owns a quarry in Sweden containing rare crushed quartzite that is world renown for its unique qualities. This high grade raw material is used in the SILICA MIX range for the Foundry industry.

The driver sat immediately below the commander. Directions to turn left and right were often communicated by the commanders using his feet on the back of the driver.

Various - Fonderie Jazzcore - Jazzcore In Sala MensaVarious - Fonderie Jazzcore - Jazzcore In Sala MensaVarious - Fonderie Jazzcore - Jazzcore In Sala MensaVarious - Fonderie Jazzcore - Jazzcore In Sala Mensa